How Can We Keep Our Traditions Alive?

The one thing I continuously become more aware of as each holiday comes and goes is how many traditions we take for granted! Growing up in Canada and surrounded by many friends and family, I realize how blessed we are, especially in today’s day and age with the goings on in the world. In one of the workshops we talk and write about traditions and more specifically; family traditions and favourite holidays.


Each holiday represents many thoughts and emotions of the past and the present. Faith, love, family, culture, and peace are the predominant force behind celebration. Funny when I say peace, I do not mean to say that there is not the stress of shopping, preparing, entertaining, etc. I mean peace….of mind. Connect or re-connect with those you love and as a reminder of what this holiday is all about. Take a moment, as this past holiday is still fresh in mind, to record family traditions, new and old. Can you think outside the box a bit – what is/was tradition when you were growing up? A recipe, table settings, games, etc. that bring back some childhood memories. Have they continued on until today? If not, re-introduce to loved one’s or remind them of these traditions.


I know that in my family, the constant reminder of Nana’s home baked pies, date squares, and cookies; comes up in our routine chat for preparation. Luckily my mom and Aunt have these traditional recipes to pass along. The only problem it seems is sometimes dessert just doesn’t compare as my Nana’s love of baking was thoroughly enjoyed by all. If only I had that touch! Perhaps someday I can strive harder to become a seasoned baker like she was in the name of keeping the tradition alive!


What can you share that will keep those traditions and holidays alive?


Your Voice Matters

As I am coming to a close on a couple of my winter classes, I am realizing more and more how difficult it is for me to complete my last class with my new journaling friends.  It has been such a pleasure to be amongst such seasoned veterans in life.  I find that I learn so much from each participant.  History becomes such a focal point, and it is fascinating to hear through their eyes these incredible moments through time.

The power of connection in each class has prevailed – with oneself and with each other.  I am amazed to see so many new friendships evolving and others continuing to grow.  Although each path has been different, sharing these stories brings forth similarities and life’s lessons.  We may all be different, yet we all work towards the same goal of peace and love.  Sometimes, emotions run wild and the groups compassion sets in.

How blessed am I to be part of this experience?  I have even had the privilege of reading life stories and previously written material from my journaling friends.  When I read their material, I hear their voice.  At the end of the day, that is what counts and makes moving forward an easier process.

One message that becomes loud and clear for me every class, are three simple questions that I now live by and have come from one of the most inspirational and influential spirits today, Oprah Winfrey:

  1. Can you see me?
  2. Can you hear me?
  3. Does what I say matter to you?

So my friends, continue to add to your story as your voice matters today, tomorrow, and many years from now!

Additional Writing Topics

There are so many additional themes that you can add to your story.  In my series we explore many themes which bring substance to one’s life.  I will always encourage those who are passionate about writing to continue on as there is so much more to explore.

I have recently come across a great book that I found to be not only beneficial to perhaps add to your story, but also puts a very positive perspective on how we look at life and people moving forward.  I actually came across this book by fluke as I happened to be looking for something else in the library, and I am pretty sure it jumped off the shelf at me, screaming “look at me!”.  The title was actually what caught my attention as for most of you who have been through my series, there is a similar theme.  The book is called God’s GuestList and is by author Debbie Macomber.  It has the same tone, but a very different message than My Guesthouse class.

My personal summation of this Book:

  • Start to look at people differently, a messenger from God.
  • When you look at people this way, your perspective changes as you are looking to see what you can learn from them.
  • Make a list of people who cross your path who make a difference in your life, no matter how subtle.





The author Debbie Macomber, shows us through many of her own personal stories, how this has changed her life.  I started my list and it continues to grow.

As I had mentioned in my previous post, each new opportunity I have to facilitate this workshop series, I meet so many new people and learn so many new things that help me grow educationally, spiritually and emotionally!


Writing Truthfully Can and Will be Difficult!


I have spent this past year building a program to help guide individuals to develop their life stories.   With fun and inspiring activities, I truly believed it would show each person that they have had valuable experiences that are worth sharing.  The majority of my participants to date had avoided writing primarily for two reasons:

1) Where do they start?

2) Reliving painful experiences.

Now the first one I managed quite well, and the second one….Well it is still a work in progress!  I do believe that: “What makes us weak, makes us stronger!”  These trials and tribulations may sometimes be too difficult to endure again.  I have seen and realized through this past year that each individual’s path is different and that it is to be respected as such!  Most people journal at times that are difficult.  Their journal/diary becomes a sounding board and for most a healing process.

I know personally that the only time I ever wrote consistently was when I was really struggling with something.  The nice thing now is when I am reflecting back, I can see that I have overcome and moved ahead on the majority of issues.  Growth and maturity becomes one of our greatest accomplishments.  We start to realize how blessed we are and we become more grateful for all of the relationships that we have had and the ones that continue to blossom.  I have met many new journaling friends and have truly valued the experience of learning their life’s journey to date.  To my past, present, and future writing/journaling friends, my goal moving forward will be to provide you with some more thoughts and ideas to add to your story.  Always remember that those journeys have led you to today.  They have made you who you are.

I have heard so many wonderful stories over this past year.  Keep writing friends and keep in touch.  Tomorrow is the first day of the rest of your life.  Live life to your fullest!   Please don’t forget to write about it!!

“A book is the only immortality.”

Rufus Choate


It is never too early or late to start writing your story

Hello there my friends and future writers:

This is Shelley speaking, and although this technology is new to me, I believe that in today’s generation, updating and communicating will help inspire and continue to guide you in the pursuit of writing your life story. Read More →

Each one of us have a compelling and captivating story to share. I am looking forward to being part of this journey with you!